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Welcome to the Help Center. We're here to guide you through the GEENEE site, giving you hints and tips to get the most from your GEENEE experience.

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Getting Started

Joining GEENEE

At the moment GEENEE is closed to invite only membership whilst we iron out a few tweaks and get some feedback. If you’d like to be invited to join GEENEE early please fill in the Join GEENEE form on the homepage.

For those lucky enough to have been sent an invite already simply click on the account activation link in the email we’ve sent you and following the onscreen instructions to set up your account.

Make a Wish

Making is wish is really simple. When you’re logged into GEENEE at the very top center of your dashboard you’ll see, what we like to call your Wish Box. To make a wish, simply enter a description of your wish or paste in a url from the web.

When you’re done, just press wish and congratulations, you’ve made your first wish. Let’s hope it comes true.

Finding a friend

GEENEE is not just about making wishes, it’s about sharing them with your friends and family. To find your friends and family on GEENEE type their name in the search bar in the top navigation and click search.

You’ll be taken to a search results screen where a list of people with the name you’ve searched will appear. If you see who you’re looking for here, simply click the “Add Friend” button next to their name. If you’re unsure whether it’s them you can view their profile that includes a short bio about the person. If it’s then you can then add them from their profile page.

If your friend is not on GEENEE, why not send them an invite using the Invite a Friend form.

Granting a Wish

So you should have now made a few wishes and found some of your friends. great, let’s hope all your wishes are being granted. There’s no better feeling though than giving yourself, so why don’t you grant some wishes.

To grant a wish, browse your wish wall or go to a specific person’s wish wall whose wish you want to grant, then undertake the following steps:

  • Press the “Add to Give List” button on the wish you want to grant
  • You’re then asked whether this is for a specific event or just a random act of kindness. Select the appropriate answer and add it.
  • The wish is now on your “Give List” which can be accessed via the Give List button on the top nav. The Give List is like a shopping list of wished you intend to grant.
  • When you’ve granted the wish, go to your Give List and press “Granted” next to the wish you have granted.
  • The wish disappears and is stored in your Wished Got list which can be accessed by the filter at the top of the Give List