Frequently Asked Questions

What is GEENEE? How do I join? What should I wish for?
OK, OK... we hear you. We'll start building up a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions here. If you have any questions why not send us one by contacting us on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or directly through GEENEE's own contact page

What is GEENEE?

GEENEE is a wish list, but not just any ordinary wish list. We like to refer to GEENEE as a social wish list. When you make wishes on GEENEE you share them with your friends and family. This means when it comes around to your birthday. There are no more “What do you want for your birthday? questions, no, your friends and family will know what you want straight away by looking at your wish list.

How do I join GEENEE?

At the moment GEENEE is closed to a special group of testers, whilst we iron out the tweaks and get feedback. If you’d like to join the test list, just fill in and submit the Join GEENEE form on the homepage. As soon as we’re ready for you we’ll be in touch.