Some see a Weed. Some see a Wish.


Although GEENEE is about wishing, it was primarily built to inspire and to help people give.

We’ve all been there. Christmas or a Birthday is coming up and we want to buy our friends and family something special, something that’ll make their day. But what to get? You can’t read minds after all. What do they want?

This is where GEENEE can help. There’s no more guessing what your brother or girlfriend wants for Christmas. No, not anymore. Just visit their profile and you’ll be able to see everything they want and even surprise them with a wish they might have forgotten about.

Think of GEENEE as everyone’s personal wishing well. When you’re browsing the internet and see something you like, don’t bookmark it, GEENEE it. When you’re out on the high street and see that perfect outfit, don’t just take a picture of it, GEENEE it.

Your GEENEE wishes can be seen by your friends on GEENEE at which point they can grant your wishes (if they’re feeling geeneerous).

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GEENEE version: v1.0.0